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17:35 30/07/2019

Rio Tattoo Studio was born through the idea of Artist Viet Anh from 2004 through more than 10 years of studying Japanese culture as well as European style, he returned […]

Rio Tattoo Studio was born through the idea of Artist Viet Anh from 2004 through more than 10 years of studying Japanese culture as well as European style, he returned to his native Hanoi to build a professional Studio. to serve those who love Tattoo art, but do not know where to find a place that believes in all aspects and quality of tattoos.

Understanding that need, Rio Tattoo Studio Club art tattoo center brought back the most advanced tattoo technology to the Capital, as well as technology for removing scar-free tattoo with modern equipment, hygiene tools and A professional, friendly studio, also the leading Artisans and Painters selected in Vietnam with many years of experience.

Currently Rio Tattoo Studio has developed 2 facilities with professional services as follows:

– Cosmetic Tattoos and Cosmetic Tattoos

– Remove Scarless Tattoo – Melasma Treatment – Tan Nhang with 2 high-tech lines PICO SURE and SPECTRA NDYAG imported fine.

– Train tattoo students and teach how to use laser tattoo removal

With full and specialized fields RioTattoo studio has been evaluated by artisans and young people as a prestigious center in Hanoi.

Rio Tattoo’s motto:

  • Adequate tattoo consultation of different sizes, according to preferences, work conditions, feng shui, transportation, prioritizing to design new patterns for each person and analyzing the meaning or feng shui origin of the tattoo and Help you understand a part of the culture of the tattoo you are looking for.
  • The cost of tattoos is reasonable compared to the income of most people, long-term tattoo warranty
  • Professional tattoo equipment imported (American Ink Dragon X2 Fly tattoo machine) súnskin Rotary (italia) American tattoo ink (Solid, Eternal) with skilled workmanship with the handling of Artist’s needles for smooth, sharp tattoos sharpness and without scarring or spreading the ink & minimizing damage on your body. We always uphold the safety and hygiene, ensure the health and personal health of each person. Tattoo needles, wet towels, ink jars, tattoos and all other tools are standard and only used once.
  • The elaborate, elaborate work on every Centimeter on your body by the tattoo will follow you for life and imprints of Rio Tattoo Studio Club. You love beauty, so am I with more than 10 years of experience and who are the “Painters” we affirm that you have been on the right track and Rio is the best choice in the north.
  • The Rio Tattoo works are always the most authentic without editing photoshop and shooting completely with mobile phones.

Tattoo for Feng BVB famous barber in Hanoi

Bởi: Artists Rio Tattoo

With 14 years of age, Rio has always been given special attention by the famous TV station

By Artist : Trang Boom

One of the perfect overhauls thanks to the combination of TEXTILE CLEAN technology and Pico Sure and ND Yag Spectra scars

(erase twice before overriding a new image for a good guest)

By Artist Ngọc Kiên

Tattoo carries the personality of each person and it is “Art”

By Artist Việt Kenzo

Sự khác biệt trong nghệ thuật giữa đẹp và đẹp hơn


By Artist Việt Kenzo
Hình Xăm ” Che Sẹo” mang lại sự tự tin, vẻ dịu dàng và cá tính cho phái nữ

Ca Sĩ nổi tiếng Lâm Chí Khanh rất kĩ tính che sẹo bỏng

với hình xăm hoa đào với yêu cầu khắt khe nhất

Artist Việt Anh , Ngọc Kiên và ca sĩ nổi tiếng Lâm Chí Khanh

BTV QUANG MINH Xóa Xăm cũ Và Xăm Đè Hình mới thành công 100% tại Rio Tattoo

Hot Girl Rapper nổi tiếng Mẫn Nhi đến Rio Tattoo Xóa Xăm không sẹo thành công


Artist: Ngọc Kiên

với hình xăm rồng châu á

Artist: Trang Boom với Thánh Xipo ( Vua Nhạc Chế ) nổi tiếng Việt Nam

Although Artist has just returned to the industry for a few years, Artist Trang Boom is under the guidance of Rio Tattoo

has been a good multi-style Artist in both European and Asian genres and is the Idol of many 9X young people

Đài Truyền Hình Hà Nội H1 Full HD

There are now several tattoo sites named after the Rio Tattoo Studio that operate in the confusing slums. Rio Tattoo Studio has been operating professionally for over 15 years and is known to the Vietnamese art tattoo community, so please be alert and present RIO STUDIO BEAUTY AND BEAUTY SYSTEM we have 2 main bases below as follows :

——————– RIO ——————-

Cơ Sở 1 : 217 Thụy Khuê, Tây Hồ, HN

Cơ Sở 2: 4 Lê Thanh Nghị , HBT, HN

Booking : 096.646.1999

 Hotline : 097.647.6333 

 Hãy Like Fanpage : Rio Tattoo Studio

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