Ha Noi – Tattoo removal No. 4 Le Thanh Nghi is safe, no scars left

17:05 08/07/2019

A tattoo appears on the body with many reasons such as marking an important milestone of life, grateful and remembering someone, or simply because you love beauty. You can see some beautiful tattoos in beautiful roles here. But because of many objective factors, broken tattoos, bad tattoos … you want to remove tattoos.

Tattoo removal is not a simple matter because tattoo ink is inserted deep into the epidermis layer, the dermis of the skin. If you want to remove the tattoo, you need to have an intervention method, directly impact on the tattoo ink located deep inside. skin. Therefore, you should look for reputable tattoo removal to be able to perform, remove tattoos and leave no scars.

Bạn có thể tham khảo những mẫu xăm hình ở cánh tay đẹp tại đây.

Tattoo removal No. 4 Le Thanh Nghi – prestigious address

Advantages of tattoo removal service No. 4 Le Thanh Nghi:

  • Remove 100% tattoos, including color tattoos.
  • No burning pain, no skin damage, no scars.
  • Absolutely safe.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Using the world’s leading modern technology for laser tattoo removal.
  • The center has a team of good and skilled doctors and long-term experience, which results in the most thorough tattoo removal.
  • Enjoy luxurious, modern, comfortable and comfortable space with melodious music, pleasant scent.

Technology to remove exclusive tattoo picosure in Rio tattoo studio

The cost and treatment time of tattoo removal depend on the color of the ink, the age and the depth of the tattoo.

In addition, the effectiveness of tattoo removal depends on the location of each person because this is a natural elimination method.
Care mode after laser projection
In the first 5 days:

-Do not wash the treated area with warm water.

-No makeup on the treated skin area.

-Do not use hot spicy foods (chili, pepper) and highly irritating foods (seafood, beer, wine, coffee), do not eat spinach, beef, eggs.

-Do not use shower gel into the treatment area.

When the treatment area on the scales does not apply turmeric or arbitrarily prick the scales.
If there is an itching, use the medicine as directed by the doctor, do not scratch.
Avoid sunlight in the treatment area for at least 3 months.
Thus, the article provided information to answer questions about Hanoi’s prestigious tattoo removal. In addition, if any other concerns need to be answered, customers can contact the call center 0976476333 or go to Rio Tattoo studio for the fastest consultation.


CS1: 217 Thuy Khue – Tay Ho – Hanoi

CS2: No. 4 Le Thanh Nghi – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi

Website: https://riotattoostudio.com/

Fanpage: Teaching art tattoo – Drawing – Tattoo

Facebook artist: Trieu Viet Anh







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